Varsity Dance · Pack Dance Team Clinic and Tryout Date Announcement

To those interested in trying out for The Pack Dance Team and their parents/guardians,

We appreciate your patience as we have eagerly been waiting for our state, KSHSAA and district to come together on some decision making so we can move forward with tryouts for the 2020-2021 school year.

Given that, as a country, we are still in a pandemic, all we do must be in accordance with state, KSHSAA and district guidelines established to keep everyone’s health a priority. All sports and activities this summer must follow some additional guidelines put in place due to recent events. Time frames and facility availability also impact the planning for all sports/groups. Long story short, there are many pieces to the puzzle; we want to make sure all is covered, and we are working together with our fellow teams/coaches.

In a normal situation, tryouts would have been conducted in the spring and we would use our summer as a chance to begin work for the school year. This, of course, is not a normal year and, consequently, not a normal situation. Even so, we believe the details below will help us begin our work and build to a successful ‘20-’21 season.

NOTE: As the current health situation changes, this may impact plans moving forward. Please know we will communicate as quickly as possible when plans are affected. Thank you for your flexibility.

  • Summer conditioning – This is NOT a requirement (per district guidelines) due to it not being sport-specific and also some people may not feel comfortable getting into groups just yet. We know many are dancing with their studios, and that is great; if you are not, that is okay, too! Bottom line: summer conditioning at BVNW is not a requirement for trying out in August.
  • Pre-tryout meeting – candidates AND parents/guardians (required to try out)
      • LOCATION: Blue Valley Northwest High School
      • DATE/TIME: Monday, July 27th at 6pm
      • PURPOSE: Relevant information will be provided to those interested in trying out, so candidates/families can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Since important information/expectations will be shared, it is imperative that all interested candidates and at least one parent/guardian for each candidate be present.
  • Dance Clinic
    • LOCATION: Blue Valley Northwest High School – Aux Gym
    • DATE/TIME: Monday, August 3rd (time – TBA closer to clinic date and at July 27 meeting)

Note: a video will be accessible for candidates starting on July 27th that demonstrates tryout material so candidates can learn material ahead of clinic

      • PURPOSE: This is when material for tryouts will be reviewed/polished, candidates can ask questions, get feedback, etc.
      • ATTIRE: Please wear all black top and bottoms (shorts or yoga pants) each day and your choice of shoes (tennis shoes, jazz shoes, etc.), no jewelry, hair should be up in a ponytail and out of your face. PLEASE BRING WATER (plenty of it since refills may not be possible)! Due to restrictions in place due to COVID, there is to be NO sharing of water bottles among candidates.
      • PROCESS: Each day, candidates will check in prior to entering the gym. Please note this clinic is only open to candidates. No family members or friends are allowed to spectate to help candidates focus on the material being taught. 
  • Tryout Date
    • LOCATION: Blue Valley Northwest High School – Main/aux gym (TBD)
    • DATE/TIME: Wednesday, August 5th (there will be a check in time and then tryouts will begin- times will be given at July 27th meeting)
    • PURPOSE: Based on judges’ evaluation of each candidate, the ‘20-’21 team will be determined. After a candidate’s try out is complete, the candidate must leave the building/school grounds.
    • ATTIRE: Please wear all black top and bottoms (yoga pants on bottom, please) and your choice of shoes. No jewelry, hair off of face and slicked back/secured (pony of some sort). PLEASE BRING A WATER BOTTLE – there can be no sharing of water bottles.
    • RESULTS: Posting of the 2020-2021 Pack Dance Team will occur on Thursday, August 6th at 6PM. 

For returning members who may be interested in trying out for a leadership position:

  • Captain interviews will be conducted on Wednesday, August 5th (It is NOT part of a candidate’s tryout for making the team. The captain interview will be assessed separately from the dance team tryout.)
  • If you are interested in a leadership position, you must have at least one year of membership on The BVNW Pack Dance Team.
  • The interview will involve leadership-type questions each candidate will answer. Questions posed to candidates may vary from person to person.
  • More on leadership option at the pre-tryout meeting (July 27). Please reflect on whether or not this is something you may be interested and are willing to commit to for the year. This decision should be determined by the July 27th meeting.

In the meantime: (NO physicals/district paperwork is to be submitted during try outs)

  • New physical form (only new ones will be valid- so please be sure to obtain the new form – click here). This needs to be submitted to Señora Smith or EK by the first practice (would not be before August 19th).
  • Other required district forms from website –  click here  (These will be available starting July 1 – also need to be submitted to either coach by first practice -would not be before August 19th.)
  • To be eligible to try out, candidates must reside in the BVNW attendance area and/or already registered as students at BVNW for the ‘20-’21 school year.
  • Stretch, keep yourself healthy…just dance! Rehearse solid dance technique. And, of course, enjoy your summer!

Any questions? Please send an email to both emails listed below. As the co-coaches of this program, when you are talking to one of us, you are talking to both of us as we are united in making this an excellent experience for all! 

Thank you, again, for your interest in becoming a member of The Pack Dance Team and representing Blue Valley Northwest!

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The Pack Dance Team Co-Coaches